A Step Backwards

This week I experienced some disappointment. The case manager that I was going to replace decided to stay. This meant there wasn’t an opening for me as case manager. I’ve been transferred to another job as a Residential Sepcialist which pays less. I was hurt, embarrassed, and disappointed by this occurrence but not deterred from my goal. I came home, cried and decided to accept the new position. My goal is to work my way back to case manager.

Sometimes, life throws us a curveball that knocks us down. Don’t let this keep you down. Stand up, cry (mourn the loss), dust yourself off, and keep moving forward. I refuse to be defeated!


4 thoughts on “A Step Backwards

  1. This is so unprofessional of them and I have to wonder if it’s even legal. No wonder you’re upset and disappointed. It seems very unethical based on my professional experience. But your friend is right, hang in there.

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    1. I agree, that it wasn’t right what happened but I’m grateful they were able to find me a position instead of letting me go. I’m determined to prove myself and eventually be back as a case manager when a position is open. It wasn’t fair but I’m stronger than what is thrown at me.


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