Latest Update

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! I’ve been heavily into working and preparing for the social work licensure exam. This Saturday, I faced my long-held fear and took the exam. I failed by three questions. The positive part of this is that I achieved my goal of registering for and taking the exam this year. I am celebrating this achievement. In a few days, I plan to reapply for the exam and prepare to take it within the next four months (I have to wait three months to take it again).

I have been on two job interviews in the past two months. One was for a case manager position. It took them a while to get my references and (due to some of my full time work being so long ago) I did not get the job. The second job interview was for a therapist position and they told me to call as soon as I pass the exam. I took this as a positive sign. I am going to let them know about not passing the exam today and plan to call them again after I pass the test.

So many fears faced in the past few months and I am still alive. lol I am still here and I am a stronger person for it. I will keep moving forward and improving myself. I hope you find inspiration from my struggle and story.


Have a wonderful Monday!



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