Owning Your Story…

We each have a story that we have lived and hold within us everyday. These stories are filled with courage, strength, survival, thriving, mending, and overcoming. When we share our story we take power over what we have lived (or what we are living). We become stronger. I’ve also noticed, from sharing mine, that it has helped others open up about their own experiences. It has shown someone that they are not alone, it has provided hope, and others have opened up and shared their own story. It has started a conversation!

A friend and I are starting work on a book which will feature a collection of life stories about survival, coping, mending, recovery and acceptance. Sharing your story doesn’t mean your life has to be perfect. No one’s life is perfect…I have been in recovery from major depression for years but my life is not perfect. I have setbacks and sometimes I feel down. But, I have more control over my illness than I once did. I have owned my story, my ongoing struggles, my rape, my abuse, and my mental illness. My good days last longer than my bad days. I now want to share my story to help others and this is what we hope our book accomplishes. By sharing your story, you not only will be owning it but you will also be helping others see that they are not alone in what they have experienced. There is power in numbers. We want to break the silence of mental illness!

If you would like to share your story or are interested and would like to learn more, you can contact us at OwnYourLifeStory@gmail.com. We are readily available to answer your questions. All is kept confidential. Our book will not use real names and all participants will sign a release of information before any story is published.



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