What Makes You Happy? Let’s Explore


What makes you happy? I chose to write a little about this today because it is a question that most of us don’t stop to ask ourselves. It may even catch you off guard, as it did me the first time I was asked. At first, I had trouble answering it. I had to think about it for awhile.

For me, happiness is the simple things. I am happy when my loved ones are safe and happy. It makes me happy when our bills are paid up. I am happy when there is enough money to do what I enjoy doing. But…what truly makes my soul happy or, in other words, what simple things in life, that aren’t expensive, gives you joy or makes you feel good?

Being creative makes me feel content. I enjoy starting something from scratch and seeing it come to life.I enjoy writing.

I cannot tell you where I would be without laughter. It has gotten me through the toughest times in my life. I can be having a terrible day and laughing makes it  better. Hearing others laugh makes me feel good.

Reading is another joy of mine. When I read a book, I travel to places I’ve never been.

Another simple joy is taking drives out into the country. I just drive and see where the various small roads take me. Then, I use my GPS to help me find my way home. You’d be surprised at the beauty you will find. Also, I take my cell phone with me and take pictures of the old homes, the barns, cattle, fields, scenery, and whatever else that captures my attention along the way.

It is important to know what simple things make us happy. Why? Because, it is during the stressful, dark times that we can turn to what makes us happy and utilize them to help alleviate some of the darkness; some of the stress. It lessens some of the burden so that we have more mental energy to cope with what we are facing.

So, in conclusion, what brings you joy? What makes you happy? Please share.

3 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy? Let’s Explore

  1. Something that has stuck with me is a movie title called “pursuit of happiness”. It is a simple but powerful statement that reminds you happiness is a life long journey and does not happen overnight. What might make happy one moment might not be the same a month, a year, five years on. For me, it is the simple things in life that makes me happy which has remained true over time. World is complicated enough and it is nice to take a pause. Accomplishing things that I thought I couldn’t do makes me happy. It instills an inner sense of pride. Doing things that scare me also makes me happy. Nature is important to me, it reminds me that life goes beyond human beings. Love watching a sunrise and sunset. Reminds me life continuous on even on the hardest of days. Doing things for others without any expectations of anything back, especially if it’s for somebody I don’t know. Learning to find peace with my imperfections and accepting them as part of who I am makes me happy (loving yourself). Coming home to my two dogs and their endless love. Smells trigger happiness: smell of fresh laundry, smell of a home cooked meal, smell of a clean home, fresh sheets, fresh towels, smell of flowers, the way the dogs smell after a bath. Again for me it’s the simple things and sharing love.

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