Goal Setting: Continued

smart goal setting concept

Yesterday, I discussed how I’ve been writing down a few goals each month in my calendar that I’d like to accomplish. I have noticed that by writing them down that I have been meeting them, whereas before they would have been mere thoughts and dreams in my head. I find this interesting and I am determined to do more more simple goal setting each month.

Today, I am going to discuss a few things about goal setting, specifically the benefits of goal setting and how to write a goal. I know it seems overwhelming, but it isn’t as long as we keep it to just a few goals each month and make it simple.

In fact, simplicity is the key. We want to make our goals specific and simple…easy to accomplish. We make a big goal simple by breaking it down into smaller steps. For example, one of my larger goals is to pass the social work licensing exam. My only goal for this month, regarding the exam, is to look over the exam study guide and set aside some study time for it. I made it so simple that I didn’t even specify how much time to set aside because, for me, that is too much for this month. I wanted to start out as simple as I could.

Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many goals. Select just a few to work on at a time. Be specific when you write them out and make sure there is some way to tell if you are making progress with each goal (make it measurable). For example, I will know I am making progress in my goal of studying for the social work licensing exam by how far I am in the exam study guide.

Writing the goal down helps make it more real to you. You can see it’s not merely a thought in your mind. It is also good to have a time line. For example, I write mine down to accomplish each month. At the end of the month, if it is part of a larger goal, I will write down the next step to accomplish for the coming month. Again, make the goals simple as not to set yourself up for failure, which can be very discouraging if you are not able to accomplish the goal in the time you specify.

If you would like to do more than just write down the goal, display it so you see it everyday. Share it with others to hold yourself more accountable. I am writing my goals down in my calendar for each month and sharing a few of them with my family and a few friends. By doing this, my friend and husband has offered to help me study. Yay!

It is also important that we word our goals positively. For example, I did not make my exam goal, “not to fail the exam.” Lol! It is to pass the exam by increasing my time to study and prepare for it each month. Be loving and encouraging with yourself while setting goals. Avoid being judgmental.

Lastly, best wishes on your goal setting. Please share some of your experience in setting and meeting goals. Any suggestions? What are some goals you would like to work on?

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