Goal Setting


I’m going to share a personal observation (discovery) with you today that may be helpful for you too. I may do a later blog on this with resources but, for today, I’ll quickly share my discovery about goal setting.

The 2016 calendar I bought has a goal-setting page at the beginning of each month. For fun, I started filling it out each month…but seriously writing the goals I’d like to meet. I have noticed that I’ve been meeting those goals, whereas before they would have been just thoughts but no results. It’s amazing!

The image above is one of the monthly goal pages in my calendar. You are welcome to use it.

Please share your own experience in goal setting. What are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. Love this! Wonderful reminder for staying accountable to oneself. Perfect combo of: Simple, Concrete, and Visual. (My biggest goal for March is to do less and linger more. My biggest obstacle = Me. Reminding myself to wait 24 hours to 1 week to take action on my ideas slows me down in the most wonderful way. Thanks for posting!) Great resource. Thanks for posting! I will share with my nursing students. 📚

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