Gratitude Journal



This morning I awoke to no coffee. It is a struggle but I am managing without it. LOL Although I have already written a blog about journaling, I wanted to add a few paragraphs on keeping a gratitude journal (this could be an additional passage or two in your current journal or a separate journal). It has been my most recent counseling homework and I appreciate its benefits.

I am required to write two positive things about myself I am grateful for. I find it interesting that I can be in a blue mood and it is lifted somewhat after I have completed the homework. It reminds me each day that there is something good about me. I am grateful for my husband, the life we have and the wonderful families we have. It is easy to forget to think about what is great about ourselves and what we offer to ourselves or the world. It is important for us to recognize this and acknowledge it to ourselves. I am guilty of forgetting to appreciate myself sometimes and it isn’t fair to me. It isn’t fair to yourself…so, take the time, starting today, to recognize that you are wonderful and there are things about you….things you offer to the world and those you love…that are important and make a difference.

If you feel comfortable, please feel free to share what you are grateful for about yourself.


P.S. Don’t forget that we are giving away a journal and pen case on March 15th. To enter, follow Mending and Thriving and send an email to by midnight March 14th. One entry per follower. All emails are kept private and are used only for the drawing and notifying the winner. Best wishes to everyone! Susan


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