If you, or someone you love, is living with a mental illness…I want to say that there is hope for recovery. I am an individual who is in recovery from Major Depression. Although I didn’t receive help until years later, I have lived with depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety since my early teens.

In the mid-1990’s, depression and suicidal thoughts began to take control of my mind and life to where I was consumed with it most of the time. I was sometimes bed bound for several days, holding on to just surviving through suicidal ideations and feelings of worthlessness. I cried, I apologized for existing, and hated being unable to do basic things like other adults: hold a job, do housework, socialize, take a shower, brush my teeth daily, or just get dressed. My depression was medically resistance to medications so it took years to finally get the right cocktail of medications to stabilize the depression and make me “alive” again.

For me, it took a combination of unconditional love and support, therapy, and medication to reach recovery. I was able to eventually return to college and get a Masters Degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Mental Health, and hold down a part time job. I no longer struggle with suicidal thoughts that haunted me daily for years.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my life is not perfect. My recovery, as in any recovery, is a daily maintenance routine of mindfulness, regular therapy, taking my medications as prescribed, and self care. There are the occasional days, or moments, where I feel blue but it doesn’t last as long as it used to. The good days last longer than the occasional bad moment or day.

My goal is to write more on recovery and include a few sources to help others in the next day or two. My message today is To Not Give Up Hope…Recovery is Possible. If you wish to privately message me, feel free to email me at

I hope by sharing my experience that it is encouraging for someone else. I want to erase the stigma of mental illness by sharing my story.



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